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Complicated online casino terms can easily mislead you if you are a new player with a lack of knowledge, this can even cause you serious problems. Once we all were beginners and made mistakes playing in online casinos. We hope that this article will help new players to understand many important issues.

If you are a new player, and as it happens with any new hobby, many terms and slang words are unique to you. Gambling and online casinos are no different. From this text, you will learn the main terms of online casinos and the main terms related to slots. It may really help you to succeed in the future. Comix Casino is a safe place for you to enjoy worry-free online casino gaming with
many secure payment methods available to players.

Main online casino terms. Welcome bonus - most, if not all, online casinos offer new players a welcome bonus, which is used to attract new customers, while at the same time increasing their chances of winning on the first try. There are usually betting requirements for the bonus, but we'll deal with that below. The welcome bonus often also includes free games (free spins), and it is not uncommon for casinos to offer welcome bonuses on the first four deposits.

No Deposit bonus – this is something that casinos especially like to attract new players with. The new player will receive money after registration without making a deposit. Almost always, they are linked to the wedges, and sometimes the maximum amount for withdrawal.

Wagering - wagering requirements are almost always attached to the bonus or free spins. The wagering of the amount must be completed before a withdrawal can be made. Requesting a withdrawal before the wager is completed may result in the loss of bonus funds. Here is how bonus wagering works in practice: for example, you deposited $ 100 under a 100% bonus with an x40 wager, which means that you will receive €200. To win back this bonus and get the opportunity to withdraw your winnings, you will need to place bets on $ 4000 Be careful, the wager can be both on the bonus and the bonus + deposit. 25x, it may well be 25x on the bonus and 25x on the deposit = 50x.

Casino License - in order for an online casino to operate, it must obtain a license. The most common licenses are those issued by Malta (MGA), the United Kingdom (UKGC), and Curacao. Keep in mind that the casino must be licensed in the EU for winnings to be taxed. So you can make sure that the casino is licensed in the UK or Malta. This is most often displayed at the very bottom of the page in the casino. A casino can also have multiple licenses.

The main terms related to slots A

Account - user account. Your account stores personal information about the player, statistics of his games, the availability and use of bonuses. Also, with the help of an account, the user performs all their financial operations – entering and withdrawing real money.

Ante - the first bet in card games. B

Bank Roll – the amount available for operations during the game.

Bet - the amount at stake or the button to change this characteristic.

Bet One - a step-by-step increase of bet from the minimum amount.

Bonus - a gift from the game seduction, a schedule for a certain action.

Bonus-hunter - a player who is only interested in wagering bonuses and withdrawing money, not interested in playing without additional income.

Bust - exceeding the maximum score in blackjack.

Buy-Hit - request an additional card from the bank to the hand in blackjack. C

Cashier - a satisfying page of the site and the functionality of managing funds to the account.

Comps - initial bonuses for visitors, a program to attract customers.

Cash-in, Cash-out - withdrawal of real money.

Call - a command to continue the game due to an additional entry in the card games. D

Deal – the beginning of a new deal in card games.

Deposit - replenishment of your personal casino account with real money.

Dealer - a representative of the casino or a dealer in card games.

Double - double the number of bets in the card games that imply such a move, agree to a risk round in the slot machines, and a satisfying control button.

Drop - losses of the toy for the period of one session. E

Expanding Symbol - an element that extends to the entire vertical of the reel.

Extra Wild - an additional Wild symbol or element, which is transformed. F

Fold - a step in the game with the discard of the cards available on the sleeve, throw to hold the game, and claim the pot.

Freeroll - a type of free tournament for table cards.

Free spins - free spins in slot machines. H

High Roller - the owner who plays at high stakes.

House Edge (casino advantage) - the share of the gaming club in the total points.

Hand-fold the cards of a toy or dealer during a party. I

Insurance - an open ace in blackjack, insuring against accurate folding at the dealer and losing. J

Jackpot - the maximum possible win or an additional large prize for certain combinations in the slots. L

Low Roller - the owner who plays on small bets.

Layout - the surface of the table, the playing field in card simulators.

Lobby (Main screen, main page) - page with a menu to go to operations with a deposit, a selection of games, and a feed with news and promotions.

Locked Reels - the function of locking or linking the reels to increase the chance of a winning combination. M

Multiplayer - an updated online game for two or more users at the same table. P

Payout (percentage of publishers, variance) – the co-effect gives the casino, this indicator is the sum of the C House Edge is 100%.

Paytable - a visual scheme of rewards for combinations in slot machines.

Pick a Box - an additional game in slots: on a separate screen, you must select a box or other item with a hidden prize. R

Raise - increase bet.

Random Wild - a random appearance of a Wild symbol.

Re-bet - repeat the amount set at stake.

Registration - create an account on the casino website.

Re-spin - additional rotation of one reel (Single Reel Re-spin) or several-is possible in slots where such functionality is provided.

RTP, Return to Player - the percentage of payments made by the manufacturer of the game equipment. S

Scatter - a scattered symbol in slot machines.

Single-player - a single-player mode, a game against the casino.

Slot - a slot machine, a simulator of a slot machine.

Spin - the descent of a new round in slots and roulette, or the corresponding button of the slot machine.

Split - the command to divide the cards into the same ones.

Stacked Wild - wild symbols are applied to the reel tape in a row, not explosive.

Stand - the command to leave and not change the existing cards.

Sticky Reel - the reel stops on a winning combination.

Sticky Wild - the reel stops on the Wild symbol.

Surrender - the cancellation of the points to preserve the honor of the amount in the prudent such a step plays. T

Terms and Conditions - a set of rules for the owners, rights, and obligations of the casino and the client. U

User Name – the unique login of the game on the casino website. V

Variance or volatility – this is the mathematical deviation of the theoretical percentage of the return of a slot machine from the index stated by the developers. The volatility indicates the game how risky the slot is. There are devices with low, medium, and high dispersion. VIP – the player - the player with a high status provided by the loyalty program, having a large amount of investment, or playing for large items. W

Wager - the condition for wagering bonuses for obtaining the right to receive funds; the number of mandatory points described in the rules.

Wild (Wild symbol) is a special symbol in slot machines that replaces other symbols on the reels.

Gambling has always been considered a worthy entertainment. Today, with so many different gadgets available, online gambling has firmly entered the daily life of many people. Knowing the basic terms of gambling will simplify the process of using online casino services.

We hope this new terminology does not frighten you, you get used to it quickly enough, especially after talking to players on the forums. We wish you to master all the subtleties and nuances of the game as quickly as possible and learn how to get a drive and enjoy a pleasant time.

Put your knowledge into practice – play at Comix Casino right now! Plunge into the gambling adventure and enjoy many different online games!
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